About us

About Our Company

We began in 2007, when the CEO began to make oatmeal cookies
for his Friday night fellowship group.

The cookies became so popular that friends and family urged him to sell the cookies commercially. In 2010, this idea was created and has evolved into what has now become Dreamie Foods, Inc. and Dreamie Cookies ®.
Dreamie Foods, Inc. and Dreamie Cookies ® is a disabled diverse business enterprise. The company uses all-natural ingredients (no preservatives), and offers several unique varieties of gourmet cookies, baked goods, creamy cheesecakes, wholesome and healthy grab and go meals, platters and gift boxes. Our mission is to deliver the freshest, highest quality cookies and food products along with excellence in Customer Service.
Nearly every product we have developed has been a result of listening to our customers; many of which have been purchasing our products since the beginning of Dreamie Cookies ® inception.
Our newest product, DreamieMealsToGo ®, evolved from our customers desire to purchase a delicious meal, high in protein, low in fat, low in sugar with the freshest ingredient for under 400 calories.
Dreamie Food Inc. and Dreamie Cookies ® prices are considered both reasonable and competitive and the company caters to both small and large functions in all Central Florida counties. We are also able to provide you or your company with quality gift baskets and gift boxes.

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